A good plan can move hostas and pounds

There is an old, dead tree threatening our house and nearby utility lines, so we’re getting it removed.

We hired professionals for this job, and they are supposed to come out this week. The proximity of the tree to the wires makes my husband and I uncomfortable. One of the lines provides our electrical service, and with my husband’s LVAD (left ventricular assist device), we just don’t need to deal with a power outage caused by an old, dead tree.

Next to the tree is a large stand of old fashioned hostas. It was there when we bought the house 10 years ago. I would like to save it. So today I bought a very cheap sprinkler ($1.45 at Target!) and soaked the roots for what I knew was going to be several hours of tough and unpleasant digging.  I like gardening, but this was just going to be plain old hard work.

After I had soaked the roots with water, I got out my shovel and fork.  And whoa, was I in for a surprise!  That dirt was like concrete.  Even after a thorough soaking (and the ground wasn’t that dry to begin with), that shovel wasn’t going anywhere past the surface of the dirt.  The fork penetrated a little, but really, this whole adventure wasn’t working. Those roots were in deep.

These hostas didn’t become fixtures overnight.  I don’t know how long they have been there, but it took a long time for them to fill in, and it’s going to take a long time to move them.

It occurs to me that losing weight is a lot like moving those stupid hostas. It took a long time to gain this excess weight, and it’s not going anywhere overnight.

When I get discouraged about losing weight, I’m thinking that what I really need is a better plan and better tools.  What I don’t need is a quick fix like another fad diet.  Because they just don’t work. Unhealthy eating typically adds on a few pounds a week or month, and healthy eating will help you lose a few pounds every week or every month if you just stick with it.  Healthy eating works.  But it takes time. Don’t get discouraged, and you certainly can’t wait until the last minute to get off a lot of weight.  A healthy weight loss isn’t going to happen quickly. But it’ll happen.

As for the hostas, I’m thinking they are going to outlast the tree removal.  Even if only some of them make it – and I believe some of them will – I won’t give up on them. On my text attempt to move them I’ll be better prepared. And I’m hoping this lesson teaches me not to give up on myself.

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    Beautifully said.

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