Wednesday workouts: 3-minute rounds of exercises

Day 2- 3 Minute Rounds from Jen Dunbar on Vimeo.
This workout can be as easy or as hard as you want to make it. You do several exercises in three minutes, and just keep repeating them every three minutes. If you finish the exercises before 3 minutes are up, you get to rest before you start the next 3-minute round. If you don’t finish before three minutes are up, well, you just get to keep going without a break. I’d maybe shoot to start out doing 2-3 rounds of these, then build up to 5-6, or even 10 if you can last that long and you already are active. Try to go fast enough so you get a little rest after each round. You can also just add in your own 30-60 second break if you can’t seem to get it all done in three minutes. No special equipment needed, it’s all body weight. Good luck! And thank you Jen Dunbar of Real Detroit muscle for the workout.

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