Good planning means good eating

I find that so much about eating healthy food is really about doing some simple planning.

Last week my husband was out of town. I had some food left in the refrigerator so I didn’t feel the need to cook a huge amount more. I did cook some for my dad when he came over Sunday and had dinner with me. But most of what I cooked I sent home with him. I didn’t really realize I was leaving myself short of healthy meals.

But by midweek i was tired of everything in the refrigerator. What did that mean? I was hungry at work: not a good thing. More often than not, I spend 10-12 hours a day at my job. If I don’t bring enough food to tide me over, hungry or not, I go prowling the building for anything I can put my hands on that is sweet or starchy.

It’s pathetic when it happens. I try to act like I’m not crazed, but I am. I’ll eat pretzels or chips. Then a candy bar. Then maybe ice cream. Or nuts. And once a binge starts it’s hard to stop. It’s hard not to eat when you’re hungry. And the problem is, even when you’re not hungry anymore, you keep eating.

Now, when I take the time to plan small meals and snacks to eat throughout the day, it’s not going too far to say that I feel safe and confident about what I’m eating, so much better than I feel when I’m binging.

As the holidays approach and we all get busier, it becomes even more important to plan food for the entire day, sometimes days at a time, to keep from dipping too heavily into the unhealthy stuff. If you aren’t hungry, then you aren’t so tempted to eat unhealthy food. It’s why I cook every Sunday for the entire week. I get home too late to cook, and in the mornings I am often busy working out or doing work I brought home with me the night before.

Last week I asked what your holiday eating strategies will be, and this week I’ll be more specific. What will you do you when the donuts are on the table in front of you and you’re starving because you didn’t make it out to lunch and you didn’t bring food with you? Or, you’re at an airport and you didn’t bring some healthy snacks? What will you do?

SHARE your ideas on how to get through the tough times when you forget to plan. Also SHARE your strategies for not being caught off guard. How do you plan for the unpredictable? Talk to me!

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