Wednesday workouts


Here I am, doing lunges, passing a weight behind by legs, side to side, as I lunge. I’m not going to lie and say this was fun!

So…I decided not to post a workout today because, frankly, the workout posts aren’t getting many readers and virtually no response. How come? Maybe what I’m posting isn’t what you’re looking for. Do you want longer, more complete workouts? Or do you want them to be more simple? Are you looking for more tips on getting involved in working out on a regular basis? Advice on stuff that’s more fun, like biking? Or would all of you like to see more on walking, which I know is very prevalent among African American women as we get older (and everyone else too). Walking is also a great way to break into a regular exercise routine. I used to walk a lot more than I do now, but I can certainly talk more about it.

Talk to me folks. Help me know what you’re looking for. And have a great Wednesday. Do SOMETHING active today that makes you feel good.

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